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Great, I'm on Newgrounds now...

2008-03-24 23:56:13 by Troopa-de-Koopa

First Blogger, then deviantART, NOW NEWGROUNDS?! Geez, what's next... Skype? Oh wait...

Eitherway, I'm here. Hey, maybe I'll make some movies & put them up here. 'Til then, welcome to my brand spankin' new (yet completely empty) Newgrounds page!


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2008-03-24 23:58:43

welcome to newgrounds, if you need help with anything contact me.
good luck making flashes.


2008-04-02 04:03:06

ngfan14? what the hell?


2008-04-02 15:55:44

well, nice pic. I guess that's all i can say lol


2008-04-03 05:18:36

hey in Nin10doh which one did you do?

Troopa-de-Koopa responds:

I animated the Ice Climbers sequence. For some reason when I sent the finished clip to Kirbopher for some final tweaking, it ended up with some color mistakes & bugs. Eitherway, it was my first piece of FLASH animation & hopefully I'll improve a bit over time.

I also provided the voice of Poo in the Earthbound scene & I was the guy who yelled "DONKEY BONG!". That was the only joke I wrote for the project.


2008-04-05 07:28:32

lol thanks for the info, i thought the ice climbers bit was yours, i could tell from the pic, also, the ice climbers are brother and sister. Not gf and bf lol


2008-04-08 17:12:45

Nice Koopa up there! I hope Mario will not stamp him! XD


2008-04-13 20:30:33

Hey, did you made that Ice Climber flash on NiN10Doh!.. That was cool, but your way to make flashes is kinda weird.. do you draw at paper before make it at flash? or something..

well, anyway, wellcome to newgrounds.. this place can be wierd, extremely gay, mean, i don't know, many times you can hate it, but it's normal.. it happens..
bye :)


2008-05-20 13:53:30

you seem like a cool animator. what part did you do in the nintendo collab? Because..... look i will just send you some info pm


2008-05-31 19:37:45

Ha, I like your userpic!


2008-09-07 15:08:30

what is the siteto sign up for ng collabs? is it just because now some exercise group bought that name.


2008-11-05 22:08:29

Hey are you gonna work on soopa nintendo?You should cuz ive seen your artwork on other sites and you are really good

Troopa-de-Koopa responds:

Why thank you! I appreciate it!

As a matter of fact, I AM working on $ooPah NIN10Doh! I'm back doing more segments & more voices than the first. Make sure to check it out when it's posted up here within the next month or so (give or take).


2009-01-04 00:39:34

Thanks for the comment. I loved your piece in the collab. The beginning was cute and the expression/animation was great. I noticed you used a lotta textures in the background and livened it up a bit. It'd be awesome to see you make some independent flashes on NG (=