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Wizard World n' Stuff

2009-07-02 14:30:33 by Troopa-de-Koopa

Hey, it's been a while since I posted here, but what the heck, I got a few minutes to kill anyway.

Kirbopher & I drove a few hours to Philadelphia to check out Wizard World & the Newgrounds booth there. It was nice to see Tom Fulp, Luis, Egoraptor, Mike Swain & Tomamoto again, since I haven't seen them since the Newgrounds party in San Diego last year. Met some fans of $oopah NIN10Doh! & some really cool artists as well. I met HappyHarry for the first time, & he is one of the nicest fellas I ever met. A very jovial character.

We all conversed, watched Newgrounds movies & doodled in our sketchbooks. I definitely gotta take a few drawing lessons from the others, they really got this drawing stuff down, especially human anatomy. Eitherway, it was a blast drawing eachother & bullshitting (pardon my choice of words). We must've watched Girlchan in Paradise at least 8 times throughout the day!

Afterwards, we trekked over to The Nodding Head, a real nice (yet rustic) bar downtown. Kirb, Tomamoto, Harry & myself sat together & conversed some more. Ego & Mike stopped by our table some time later & we discussed everything from PIXAR to Comic-Con & everything else inbetween. You can just leave that to your imagination.

It's a shame I'm still a year underage, we would've hung out a bit longer. We would've gone bowling, but they wouldn't allow anyone under 21 to play, so Kirb & myself said goodbye & we headed home.

It was a real great time, & I'm looking forward to going back again next year. It's definitely worth the 4 hour drive.

Photo courtesy of Luis. Thanks again, man!

$OOpah NIN10Doh!

2009-01-04 15:01:17 by Troopa-de-Koopa

Go watch $OOpah NIN10Doh! (that is if you haven't already, & even if you did, WATCH IT AGAIN!)


I animated the Duck Hunt, R.O.B. & Game & Watch segments, as well as doing the voices of the quacking ducks (not the main one) in "Duck Hunt" & Donkey Kong in the "Planet of the Kongs" sketch.

& make sure to check out my blog for a few BEHIND-THE-SCENES goodies : CLICKINESS

*By the way, most of the people who've seen this have probably seen the first NIN10Doh!, right?
Remember the Ice Climbers segment?
Remember the Topi?

Well, he appears about 5 times throughout the course of this movie, so see if you can spot him. Some are obvious, while a couple are nearly impossible to find. Consider it as compensating for the missing Easter Eggs (sort of).

$OOpah NIN10Doh!

First Blogger, then deviantART, NOW NEWGROUNDS?! Geez, what's next... Skype? Oh wait...

Eitherway, I'm here. Hey, maybe I'll make some movies & put them up here. 'Til then, welcome to my brand spankin' new (yet completely empty) Newgrounds page!